The Atelier désir collection reinterprets the harmonic proportions of narrow and long wood boards according to more traditional installation technique of ancient hardwood flooring. Elegant slim boards of different lengths are laid in an original “woven” texture.   

Désir offers this special composition pattern in the exclusive Heritage finishes, softly heat-treated, to fully enhance the most authentic character of wood.  

Listone Giordano's Atelier is a collection with an eye to the future that draws from the values of Italy's craftsmanship tradition and the culture of old wood. The unique grain pattern of Oak wood modelled by nature is combined, as and when, with specific hand-crafted treatments that turn the surface of each individual wooden board into a unique piece, making it different from all the others. Atelier wooden flooring tells an old and personal story made of passion, art, and respect for nature thanks to its certified raw materials. 

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